We collaborate with educators to integrate our tools into a range of learning environments. Our program partners include K-12 schools, universities, after school programs, and informal education providers. We are interested in collaborations that take students out of the classroom into the real word to complement learning focused on STEM, social studies, humanities, and career exposure.

  • STEAM Innovation Summer Institute
    June 2017
    Teachers in Western Pennsylvania explore immersive storytelling for the classroom
  • Winchester Thurston School
    Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Winter 2018
    American History class explores oral histories in Pittsburgh using SimpleVR
  • Education Uncontained
    Spring 2017
    Students at Propel Andrew Street, a Youth Leading Change partner school, create immersive stories based on their school
  • International Center for Adolescents in Need, Inc.
    Spring 2017
    WKI team designs a virtual school tour for incoming freshmen girls interested in STEM careers at Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Catalyst Connection and BotsIQ
    Spring 2017
    Latrobe and Burrell School districts introduce virtual reality storytelling into school-based career-exposure programs
  • Nazareth College and Career Prep
    Spring 2017
    EDGE Designers at Nazareth College and Career Prep create a school tour using SimpleVR
  • Green Building Alliance
    January 2017
    Pittsburgh area students observe their city then and now in SimpleVR
  • Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3
    December 2016
    Educators learn how to use SimpleVR and build immersive stories
  • Rec2Tech
    September 2016
    Rec2Tech students take 360 photographs and report on their week at the Warrington Rec Center