Luke Anderson

Luke is an application developer with interests in real-time interaction, media programming, web technologies, and software architecture. He oversees the development and integration of new features into IRL Lab’s platforms. In previous roles, he has contributed to the creation of web and mobile experiences for Fortune 50 companies.

Ali Momeni

Ali Momeni is a media-artist and researcher with expertise in interactive systems and human computer interaction. He studied physics and music at Swarthmore College and completed his doctoral degree in music composition, improvisation and performance with computers at UC Berkeley. Momeni serves as a faculty member at the University of Minnesota and Carnegie Mellon between 2008-2018 before joining Shield AI as a Senior Principal Scientist.

Aparna Wilder

Aparna Wilder is a program director and community builder passionate about experiential learning and storytelling. Aparna leads IRL Labs outreach and education programs and is responsible for facilitating new partnerships, research projects, and workshops. Aparna holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a MPA from Columbia University.