Education Uncontained

  • Far too often, STEAM initiatives are divorced from the personal stories that drive future scientists, mathematicians, or computer scientists - and SocialVR can be that link - connecting STEAM and culture in meaningful ways across populations. By allowing the stories of teachers and students to be the content through which they learn about the technology and engineering skills associated with virtual reality, they are able to create something that centers their history, their culture, and their communities - which is invaluable.
    Temple S. Lovelace, Ph.D., BCBA-D​ Associate Professor of Special Education

We partnered with Duquesne University, Youth Leading Change (YLC), an initiative helping youth tell their stories through media research, digital storytelling, audio production, photography, podcasting, activism, and self-esteem building. SimpleVR helped introduce Virtual Reality technology and creation at the Youth Summit during the 2017 Remake Learning Days and taught students to use 360 cameras and create immersive stories on their lives and lived experiences. Students at Propel Andrew Street, a YLC partner school, created several immersive stories based on their school: the bee project, school lunch, and the media classroom. Students went on to build a 360 video on the effects of poverty in their community.